Leopard Print - so dam good!

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Leopard as a print has long been loaded with a huge variety of symbolism making it the most enduring fashion trend throughout history... it has been used in countless differing style trends from ancient warriors wearing furs to 1920's flappers, 50's housewives, 70's hippies, 80's punk rockers and 90's bogans (think Chery West). You can take leopard print from the beach to street, from work to a dress up party, it can make you blend in and stand out, be outrageous or casual, suit the youthful and the mature. It comes in a huge variety of differing prints and tones and is seen every season throughout both high street and high end fashion labels. With its earthy tones leopard print is easy to style and is defiantly the winner in my wardrobe! Along with sequins... but thats another post ;)