The Effortless Kimono


TaylorCove Kimono Duster Boho NZThe effortless kimono we know and love today originates from the traditional Japanese garment that was not so effortless. As a symbol of longevity and good fortune it was worn and treasured for special occasions and celebrations. From this traditional beginning the kimono has been picked up by other cultures and has now become a staple of the bohemian style wardrobe. The kimono we love comes in various lengths and styles, some long with traditional bell sleeves and others in a slimer duster style. The style of the piece gets away with huge variety of makeups including Japanese floral patterns, velvet, lace, and sheer. The kimono can be chucked on over your bikini to give you cover and a sarong in one (along with something to wipe your kids sand filled face with if you haven't paid too much for it!), or you can add some lippy or heels for it to accompany you on a night out. Due to the extensive variation of styles available and the forgiving versatility of the kimono this fashion piece is here to stay... well in my wardrobe at least!