Danica in the Ella Swing Dress


Tell me about yourself and your personal style...

Hey! I'm Danica, I live in a converted barn with my boyfriend and all our cacti babes. I'm obsessed with all things "desert" so my style is western boho, with a hint of hippie & a splash of 70's.

What attracted you to the collection piece you selected?

I'm obsessed with this Ella Swing Dress because it matches my western boho style perfectly, and anything that goes with cowboy boots is a YES from me. I'm wearing a size M and I love how flowy and free it is.

How would you describe your unique body shape and what clothing styles do you gravitate to because of your shape?

I'm relatively tall, but with a long torso and shorter legs. I would say I'm on the side of curvy with a bigger bust, so I love wearing maxis and flowy dresses that fall beautifully from the chest area. But also more often, I wear clothes I just want to wear that might not necessarily suit my body shape! Like even though my legs are shorter, I love channelling the 70's and wearing flare jeans with crochet tops. So I dress more for my mood than my body!

When online shopping what is most important to you?

Definitely brand ethics and authenticity! I want to see real people and real stories behind the scenes, as I'm more about people over brand!

What is your favourite time of the year and why?

You know the time between Christmas and New Year? When you have no idea what day it is and work is a distant memory... when the sun wakes you up through the windows, you have no plans but spending time at the beach, when beer is an acceptable beverage at noon, and nights are spent at BBQ's and outdoor gigs. Yeah, thats my most favourite time of the year by far!!

If you could be any animal which would you be?

An eagle, so I can feel free and just soar over desert landscapes all day long.

Thanks so much Danica you look so damn amazing in this dress!! I adore your free attitude toward how you dress and your obvious love of fashion. And you have made me sooooo excited for that time of year between xmas and new years... how dreamy is it!! Thanks girl xx