Hayley in the Wrap Skirt


Tell me about yourself and your personal style...

41 year old mum of two girls, married to Karl, love the beach. I'm passionate about holistic wellbeing and work as a naturopath helping women to restore their vitality. My style is a combination of boho & fairy princess! I love fashion with a strong feminine vibe and I am drawn to bright colours, florals, spots and leopard print. Skirts, dresses and jeans are my favourite pieces because they can be dressed up or down. A long skirt always makes me feel really feminine which I love.

What attracted you to the collection piece you selected? 

I was attracted to the skirt for the beautiful fabric, both the colours and texture as well as the wrap around design as this is always a favourite for me. I love the bright fabric and the print, it makes me feel happy to wear bright pieces.

Did you find it was true to size and style as detailed in the product description?

It’s OSFA which normally puts me off as I can be swamped but being a wrap style I could pull it in perfectly.

How would you describe your body shape ie. tall/short/curvy etc and how does this item suit it?

Medium height on the petite side wrap arounds give me a little shape, the length is perfect.

What is your favourite time of the year and why?

Autumn because the weather is usually really stable and my family and I spend lots of time in the ocean as it’s still warm but the sun is less harsh.  I also love the cooler mornings for running, not as cold as winter just right.

If you could be any animal which would you be?

I would be a cat from a good home so I could sleep all day and just go to my bowl and meow when I was hungry!!!!

Thank you so much for being our November Muse Hayley! I adore your love for fashion and fun sense of style. Thanks for looking so dam great the Wrap Skirt it looks to be made for you xx