Kimi in the Before Sunrise Duster Gown


Tell me about yourself and your personal style...

Hey I'm Kimi I'm 31 and have a gorgeous baby boy Bodhi who arrived earth side in July. I'm a bit of a hippy and sell crystals for a living, also love my horses and photography. My personal "style" if you ask anyone is a tracksuit or activewear 😂  my mum and sister tell me off all the time that I need to get into my nice clothes. But when I do wear or buy nicer clothes its beautiful boho style dresses and maxi skirts that I love to collect. Especially with the unique patterns and summery feel.

What attracted you to the collection piece you selected?

I love the fact that the piece I chose was feeding friendly as my little mate is a serious snacker and likes to feed frequently which I'm more than happy to do so, so getting in and out of tight clothing is not ideal. The piece I selected is super friendly for feeding with the button front and the fit is lovely and not too tight around my arms.

How would you describe your unique body shape and what clothing styles do you gravitate to because of your shape?

After having my baby and coming to terms with the fact that some of my things just don't fit I've been ordering sizes up and being kind to myself about the fact that I just bought a tiny human into the world and shouldn't be worried about clothing sizes. So for me things that are loose fitting but still make me feel gorgeous but not too "dressy" are what I'm all about.

When online shopping what is most important to you?

When online shopping I definitely look for brand ethics and sustainability. I do a lot of second hand shopping and find most of my clothing that way but anything new I really would pick something ethically made as my first choice. The same has been for Bodhi's wardrobe either second hand or as ethical as I can.

What is your favourite time of the year and why?

Ooh hard to say as I love skiing in winter but the warmth of summer and being able to swim in the ocean so I can't really pick!

If you could be any animal which would you be?

Hmmm probably a lion because I'm a Leo! And my hair is basically a mane 😂  or one of my horses because they are spoilt rotten and live such a good life haha.

Thanks so much Kimi you look perfection in this dress!! I love you found a style to suit your breastfeeding needs, and I love your attitude to our changing bodies through lifes adventures. Hmmm I kinda want to be one of your horses too... sounds they are living the good life! Thanks so much for being my gorgeous muse this month xx