Rebecca Waterhouse in the Lemon Linen Mini


Tell me about yourself and your personal style...

I live in Whangarei on a lifestyle block and usually have a very casual laidback style.

What attracted you to the collection piece you selected? 

Summer is hot up here! The dress looked light, comfortable and fun.

Was it true to size and style as detailed in the product description?

Yip perfect.

Whats your favourite time of the year and why?

I love Summer. I love the long days loads of sunshine heat and more relaxed vibe :)

If you could be any animal which would you be?

Haha - I used to want to be a thar - a mountain goat. I was inspired by their agility and ability to get around the mountain. They are abit of a pest though.
Thanks so much Bex!! You look super fun and summery rocking the lemon mini! xx