Shari Halas in the Stripe Kimono


Tell me about yourself and your personal style... I'm all about comfort, so when im not in shorts and a tee I go for something beachy. I like to have a few pieces that you can put together with denim jeans/shorts, and dress it up with a boho/rock vibe 

What attracted you to the collection piece you selected?  It's super comfy and easy to chuck on top of anything. Perfect for the beach!

Was it true to size and style as detailed in the product description? Yes

Whats your favourite time of the year and why? Summer, I crave the sunshine

If you could be any animal which would you be? Bottle nose Dolphin 🐬 So i could spend my days swimming in the sea

Shari you look fab in all TaylorCove clothes, this is definitely your style! I love you took your Stripe Kimono to the Gold Coast and rocked it with a couple of your purchases over there. You put pieces together so well, I love your look, thanks heaps! xx